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5 Interesting Facts About Indian Cricket


5 facts about Indian cricket we never paid attention to or maybe we never knew?

1) India vs Pakistan In 1984 
Source: Newsmobile
Back in the days, In the second One Day International in 1984 between arch-rivals India and Pakistan at Sialkot India were 210- 3 and  Dilip Vengsarkar was batting at 94, slowly and steadily approaching his century. The team then got the news of Indra Gandi having being assassinated back home and the match had to be abandoned mid-way.
2) The Indian Cricket Team Before The 1983 World Cup 
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Before the 1983 world cup which Kapil Dev and his team happened to win, the only team which India defeated was East Africa!  Like really?  We have seen turnarounds but nothing like this before. No, we are not kidding. Feel free to google it!

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