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Meet Deepak Chahar’s Beautiful Sister Malti Chahar


Deepak Chahar’s Sister Malti Chahar

Malti Chahar is the sister of cricketers Deepak and Rahul Chahar. She grabbed the limelight during the Indian Premier League 2018 when the camera-man captured her emotions while she was cheering for her brother from the stands.

Malti Chahar cheering for her brother Deppak Chahar and CSK
Image Source: Whats The Hype

In no time, she became an Internet sensation and the Keyword ‘Malti Chahar’ suddenly became viral on google. Everyone wanted to know who she was while many also found her quite attractive. But who is she exactly? What does she do? What more about her? Well, let’s find out.

1. When was Malti Chahar born?

She was born on the 15th of November, 1990.

2. Malti Chahar- Zodiac Sign

She is a ‘Scorpio’ and if you believe in Zodiacs, Malti indeed might be quite strong-headed. Well, there is nothing with that either but that’s how it might just be.

3. Malti Chahar- Favourite Actor?

Chahar feels Aamir Khan and Hrithik Roshan are the 2 actors she absolutely looks up to.

4. Malti Chahar- Favourite Actress?

Malti is known for her love for ‘Bollywood’ and feels that the most talented of them all as far as newcomers are concerned is Kangana Ranaut. We wonder what Karan Johar would have to say to that. ( Just Joking!).

5. Malti Chahar- Favourite Movie?

Well, Malti and Cric Crak should Hi- 5 on this one as we have the same choice. Her favourite movie, ours too, is 3 Idiots. If it happens to be your favourite as well, do let us know int he comments section below. She has also confessed that she had ‘Tears Of Joy’ during the entire movie.

6. Malti Chahar- Hobbies?

She loves to travel, being the elder sister of 2 Cricketers, there are no surprises to guess that she loves sports, even adventure sports rather. Other than that she loves to dance and when in her zone, painting is something which makes her really happy. Just like all of us, Malti also loves to ‘Netflix’ and catch up on all the latest shows/series.

7. Malti Chahar- Educational Qualification?

She went to Kendra Vidyalaya as far as her school was concerned. Her college life was away from home all the way in I.E.T. Lucknow.

8. Malti Chahar- Debut Movie

In the year 2017, she did a short 22-minute film called ‘Manicure ‘ which centred around a paranoid and submissive husband and his wife. She is also listed as an actor on IMDB.

9. Malti Chahar- Modelling

She is also a model and has walked the ramp on various occasions across the globe.

10. Malti Chahar- Competitions

While her brother Deepak Chahar has won an IPL, her sister is not too far behind either while it comes to applying her trade. She was the 2nd runner-up in Femina Miss India Delhi 2014 and has also been a part of contests like Femina Miss Photogenic and Miss Sodoku.

11. Malti Chahar- TV Commercials

The beautiful Malti has even been a part of a few TV commercials. The Dabur Red Tooth-Paste commercial even went quite viral where she was seen proving it to her better half how good the ‘Tooth-Paste was. Other than that, Malti has worked with ‘Visaka Vboard’, ‘Ossum Body Mist’ and ‘Lets Merry’.

Malti Chahar’s Boyfriend?

12. Malti Chahar and Imran Tahir’s Son Gibran

The duo is known to share quite a special bond. In fact, once Malti even put out a video of herself with Gibran while she quoted that she jokingly expressed that she is not single anymore considering how cute Gibran was.

13. Malti Chahar Loves Playing Cricket

Growing up with 2 brothers who were busy playing cricket all the time, even Malti used to play with them at times and interestingly is also quite good at it. Not as good to be in the Indian Women’s Team but certainly better than an average person. She absolutely enjoys the game.

Malti Chahar Instagram Account

14. Malti Chahar Instagram

Malti is known to be very active on Social Media and keeps all her fans posted about herself and her life via her Instagram handle where she has tons of followers. The ‘Diva’ also keeps posting about her brothers Deepak and Rahul Chahar’s achievements as a proud sister.

Malti Chahar-IPL

15. Malti Chahar- Favourite IPL Momment

Image Source: Zee News

Her favourite IPL moment was when she met the Chennai Super Kings captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni for the first time ever.

16. Malti Chahar- Favourite Captain

The great ‘Mahendra Singh Dhoni’ is Malti’s favourite captain due to the fact that Dhoni is very calm and composed in all kinds of situations.

17. Malti Chahar- Software Engineer

Many don’t know but she is a perfect example of someone with ‘Beauty with Brains’. Malti Chahar is a software engineer by profession but chose to become an actor instead.

18. Malti- Chahar- National Level Athlete

Yes, you read that right. Chahar has even played Shot-Put and High-Jump during her school and college days at a National Level.

19. What does love mean to Malti Chahar?

When asked she quoted, ” Love- You always need love to live your life with happiness”.

20. Malti Chahar’s Advise For The Youth Today?

She wanted the youth to know that whichever profession they chose, the competition is really tough these days and did not want them to be disappointed by their failures. She further quoted that failure is a teacher and success is a compliment. While we don’t know if that is her original line, if it indeed is, Cric Crak will certainly like to take a bow to the beautiful Malti.

Malti Chahar- Genius

20. Why does everyone call her a ‘Genius’?

Malti Chahar Beautiful
Image Source: YouTube

Taking nothing away from the lovely Malti here but that is not what they meant. Lol. This is actually the name of her latest movie which is all set to release on the 24th of August 2018 and that’s precisely why everyone calls her by that name. The movie also features Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Cric Crak certainly can’t wait for this one.

We hope you enjoyed reading the story of the beautiful ‘Malti Chahar’. On the other hand, we would also like to wish her all the luck for her upcoming movie ‘Genius’ and hope to see her in the stands more often cheering for not only Deepak Chahar but also for Rahul who unfortunately did not get a single game for the Mumbai Indians this year.

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