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How Afghanistan Made It’s Way To Test Cricket Is Certainly A Story To Remember!


The story of the 21st Century as far as cricket is concerned has been Afghanistan’s rise to cricket. We must say it has been a beautiful story to witness live and exactly the kind which gives more insurance to the Adidas statement-“Nothing Is Impossible”.

Source: ESPNcricinfo

The mighty Afghans coming from a country hit by ‘War’ made their International Debut against Scotland in 2009 and the rest they say is history. They are now the World number 8 team in T20 cricket, number 10 in One Day International Cricket and have already set a date with India at Bengaluru to play their first ever test match.

Whatever happens against India doesn’t matter because they have told their ‘Countrymen’ that in spite of the current situation which is destroyed due to war, there is still hope and one should never stop trying. Rashid Khan would know that feeling more than anyone having lost a friend during a recent bomb-blast.


Climbing ladder after ladder as rapidly as one could, they finally arrived in the Indian Premier League and that’s when the world took notice. It is interesting how so many Afghan players featured in the cash-rich league and there were hardly any from Sri Lanka or Bangladesh barring Shakib who played every match but seemed like he barely arrived.

On the contrary, the ‘Afghans’ put on a show throughout the IPL and the world stood in applause. What happened next? Well, they gifted the Bangladeshi’s a ‘BanglaWash’ at their new home- ‘India’ and are now all set to take on the Ajinkya Rahane lead Indian Cricket Team in their debut Test Match.

From a war-torn nation where these men feared for their lives while they went to indulge in a game of cricket and where playing with a tennis ball was a luxury, they have certainly come a long, long, way. Often we complain about small things in life and that is where we should think of Afghanistan. They have a country that even with all that Hard-Ships and Headaches they are proud to call home.

Source: ESPNcricinfo

They might be greeted by a pitch which might have a little green tinge on it owing to the Bengaluru rains which means it might not turn on the first few days for their spin-heavy attack but they never said Test Cricket is easy. Sport is a contest where usually winning should be the only freaking option but this is different. This is for their people who would look for joy and hope.

Cric Crak is Indian and honestly feels India will win this one but Afghanistan already has and I will leave it to that.

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