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Is Sourav Ganguly The Best Indian Captain Ever?


2) Dada made Steve Waugh repeatedly wait for the toss during Australia’s tour of India:

This might be one of the most prominent Dadagiri moments. Aussies were then the biggies and bullies of world cricket. It was in Vizag during in 2001 series against Australia, that Ganguly made the then Aussie captain wait for the toss. Later he revealed that he did that deliberately to teach a lesson to the Aussies for their rude behaviour on the field.

Rahul Dravid And Steve Waugh In test Cricket
Source: yahoo cricket

Srinath was coming out and Buchanan rudely asked him that and thus Ganguly got furious. Waugh later on his Autobiography later wrote that Ganguly was late during toss seven times in his career. Once Waugh even told him in 2003 to be present at the toss on time. Ganguly had replied, “If you behave, I will” and the crowd cracked up likely.

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