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Top 10 Most Handsome Cricketers In The World


When it comes to sports, the sports stars enjoy a huge popularity and fan base. Their styles on and off the field are widely followed by the crowd and thus it becomes a trend. When it comes to the game of cricket, being the second most popular game on the world the cricketers enjoy all the glitz and glam. The cricketers are not only judged on their records in 22 yards but also on their appearance. Glamor is now associated with the game since long and thus has been able to attract much crowd from the female counterpart.

Here we list for you the top 10 most handsome cricketers in the world.

1. Virat Kohli

Source: Fantasyhub

Well, you saw this name coming! A king on the field with his willow and also a king in the hearts of his huge fan base. This right-handed batsman along with his batting skills and looks well blended can dazzle of the show. No doubt the Indian skipper is the most popular property of the game. It was long back in 2008 when Virat Kohli started his journey by winning the U19 World Cup for India and from then there was no look back.

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It was only after 2009 that this Delhi boy got a permanent spot at no.3 in the ODI and he didn’t disappoint. Just at the age of 29, he has second most number of centuries in the ODI surpassing Ricky Ponting and just a few ones behind Sachin Tendulkar. With prowess in all formats, he is the man of dedication and passion and presently enjoying being the Indian captain winning most of the matches in a streak.

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