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Top 5 Most Beautiful Friendships In The Cricketing World!


When you play for a team, you eat together, travel together and do so many activities together that eventually your team-mates become like family. Let’s talk about the Indian Cricket Team- The amount of International Tours they do together, it often happens that they have a story to tell after every tour- Such is the beauty of the bond these cricketers have developed as years passed by.

Source: IBTimes India

Since the introduction of the Indian Premier League- The ‘Friendship’ has now developed also cross-border, cross- country, cross various oceans, miles apart. Let us take an example of Virat Kohli and AB de Villiers. They are best friends even though they live miles apart, thanks to the IPL. Such is the beauty of ‘Sport’ that ‘Rivals’ become ‘Friends’ and ‘Friends’ become ‘Rivals’, also thanks to the IPL!. Having said that, let’s talk about the good part today and have a look at the- Top 5 Best Friends In Cricket.

1. Kumara Sangakkara and Mahela Jayawardene


Not only they ‘Partnership’ was a successful one on the field, the duo also owns a restaurant in Sri Lanka together called ‘Ministry Of Crab’. Even their families are known to be quite close to each other and both Mahela and Sanga have always openly appreciated each other and valued their friendship. Both retired from the game at almost the same time ( Not Exactly) and their ‘Friendship’ is certainly something which just like their stature in International Cricket is ‘Absolutely Legendary’

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