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Who Is Virender Sehwag’s Favourite Bowler?


Meet Virender Sehwag’s Favourite Bowler

Sehwag is one of the most destructive batsmen of this era. The bowlers feared his batting skills and his overboard sixes. Weren’t you ever curious to know who Sehwag’s favourite bowler was? Who was he scared off? Wait, I ain’t lying. He indeed was scared of a bowler in his career.

The bowler is none other than the Sri Lankan, legend Spinner,  Muttiah Muralitharan. He revealed this in one of his interviews. “It was difficult playing him, both due to his bowling action and his length.” the batsman said at the Hindustan Times Palate Fest.

Sehwag with Murali
Image Source: Dhaka Tribune

Sehwag had faced Muralitharan first time in 2001 Triseries. He said that it was his worst nightmares as he couldn’t make out the variations he was making. He said that lifelong he has tried to play defensive against only this sole player.

“He would never give you any easy balls; you had to remain patient and improve your skills. He would be quick first up, then he would introduce the doosra, then he would suddenly bowl a really slow ball.” he had once said.

But nonetheless, to say, Sehwag had not left to destruct this spin wizard too. In 2008 Galle test, the conclusion was drawn that Indian batsman would suffer wickets easily under Lankans spin wizards pressure. But Sehwag played one of the best innings of his life scoring 218 and getting Muralitharan furious.

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Sehwag’s favourite bowler, Muralitharan too had revealed later that Sehwag is one of the best batsmen of the era and he always enjoyed bowling against the man. Looks like both enjoyed their rivalries and loved to play against each other.

Muralitharan is a legend as he holds the record of having most wickets both in ODI and Test cricket. People say what Tendulkar is to batting, Murali is to bowling. Thus, we have no doubt, why we is always Sehwag’s favourite bowler and he feared to hit sixes against this spinning legend.

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