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VVS Laxman: The Classical Musician Of Indian Cricket


There was a reason why VVS was called ‘Very Very Special’. Perhaps, it’s because in an age where cricket ruthlessly went from being a subtly charming fest of team-based triumph into a sport driven by glorious individual triumphs, VVS Laxman was the last remnant of what it meant to be a team player.

Shy, amicable and mild-mannered, VVS’s batting bore the great hallmarks of his gentlemanly personality and it can be gladly submitted that in an era where dynamics of Indian cricket have posed so much merit on playing aggressive albeit consistent cricket, VVS Laxman was the gentle giant of the soft-spoken game. Even when he appeared brittle and somewhat challenged by the opposition, while these were rare sights; rear as his falling batting average, that till his final test stayed north of 45, Laxman never seemed frustrated.

As Laxman almost turns 44, silently and calmly as his glorious batting, one that carried utter disregard for shenanigans, we find so many reasons to celebrate this one of a kind legend. But here are 7 qualities that hail Laxman as a cricketer that shan’t be forgotten:

VVS Laxman in action
Image Source: Sports Wallah
  1. A cricketer who recovered stupendously despite a slow start to his test career

He was one of the few Indian batsmen who played Laxman burst onto the Test arena in 1996, debuting at Ahmedabad against the Proteas. From the first 16 tests, he took a bit of time to show what he was made of, managing just an average of 24.

However, by the time he finished his stellar career, the remaining 118 tests yielded a batting average of 49, which is commendable, considering he was an individual in a dominant era of Sachin, Dravid and Ganguly.

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